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Fun Links

Lo-Fi Generator

Lo-Fi Player offers an interactive browser-based space for music exploration.

Sounds of the Office

A substitute for the sounds you may miss while working remotely.

Low-Fi Girl

Tune in today and turn your work hours into a blissful, hassle-free journey.

B2B Links

Muon Marketing

My company. We optimize for SEO and build awesome websites. 😉

Coughing Apes

Ever in Bangkok? This is the best cannabis cafe to meet global folk.

Magic Mugs

My favorite cafe in Dover, OH. Great to working or to hangout with friends.

Biz Tools


While expensive, this is the all-in-one SEO tool you'll come back to daily.


Stop guessing. Find out where all leads are coming from to optimize budgets.


After testing many competitors, this is the copywriting tool to use.

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